12 June 2011


Welcome to Camarma.

This was taken from the hill on the town's western edge, the hill that is a mere 20-second walk from my house. I know that in the next two years, there are going to be moments when I wonder what on earth I'm doing here, so far from everything I know, moments when people won't be so patient with my Spanish or my inability to kiss on the cheek like a real Spaniard instead of a giant pecking pelican.

I love the pulse of cities, all the things they have to offer, but God knows how much I needed to be in a place like this, a place with open spaces, a place where you can walk forever and reach only sky. Already I have found myself walking up the dirt path and thinking of North Dakota, and I know that Camarma will be a place that lets me feel my roots, even as it presses me to unfold my wings.

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