30 June 2011

Is it Saturday yet?

Tomorrow is the first day of language school.

Tomorrow is also the day that the telephone company comes to install a landline and internet at my house. At the very same time I'll be at language school.

So tomorrow is also the day that Jay will be on call to come to my house and let the telephone man in if I am not back from the placement test yet. But tomorrow is also the day that Jay's furniture gets delivered, right in the same time span as the telephone man's arrival. And Jay and Lisa are also moving in the morning, but did I mention that Lisa will be at language school with me while the telephone man and the furniture man are coming?

Caitlin will also be at language school with us. Caitlin was going to move out two days ago, but there are still people living in the house she will be moving into because they can't fly out because there are 75 people on the flight standby list. Which wouldn't be such a big deal, except that she has friends who are visiting from the UK--the poor friends who may just be sleeping in our living room near Biscuit and the hamster, the living room that will allegedly soon get a phone and the internet. And hey, maybe the toilet man will finally show up while all of this is going on, will just appear in the middle of the internet-furniture-Welsh-friends-in-a-trundle-bed circus to install our brand new toilet!

That would be super.

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