23 June 2011

The Flood

In the front foyer of the middle school where I used to work, there was a small plastic sign reading "Flood Level 1969." On nearly 6 feet of me, the line came mid-torso.

The sirens went off yesterday, warning thousands of residents to clear out before the water came pouring over dikes and levees, trumping the flood record of 41 years ago. While my family members are living on safer, higher ground, most of my friends have had to leave the city. Just a month ago, I was walking on some of these bridges. I was sitting below ground level in that blue apartment building, the one now covered in plastic. My heart is broken. Pray for Minot.


Nick, Amber & Aaron said...

Bleck. I am so sorry Shar. I know God is bigger than this, though, and like the song says, greater things are yet to be done in this city. Thinking of you and those you know. Is there anything we can do for anyone you know??

mom said...

I hate to have to inform you that the dike was not high enough around Ramstad and it now has water up to the roof.