12 January 2012

The Residency Process: Part III

As it turns out, the landlord doesn't think my roommate is a man.

I guess he dropped off the gifts with our headmaster, who assumed they were for us. When the landlord stopped by the school to pick up our rent the other day, he asked about the presents. The headmaster explained that he'd distributed them to us, and the landlord replied, "Those were for you!"

I slipped my box of floral perfume into the headmaster's mailbox this morning.


The residency appointment in Madrid went something like this: We drove around trying to find this hidden little office, paid for parking, took a number, and waited 45 minutes for our number to be called. When it did, Dan explained that I had all the paperwork, that I got my summons five months after I was supposed to get fingerprinted. I couldn't really understand what the lady was telling us, though she kept repeating the word "situation," which did not give me much hope. In the end, we were told to go to Aluche (the fingerprinting place) and talk to them.

So, tomorrow afternoon, I'm skipping out of afternoon prep hours with Julie to see, once and for all, if the Spanish government will ever let me become a legit resident.

Speaking of residency, the hamster will be taking up a new one. Out of the fireplace and into the home of one of my dear students. And the second semester planning is going more smoothly than the first. And I'm teaching an origami class next week. And...spring semester seems infinitely more full of possibility than the fall one. Footloose and hamster-free, or at least on the fast track toward that!

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