15 January 2012

The moment when nametags would really come in handy

Remember when Ruth and I got the manly cologne and the perfume, respectively?

And remember when we found out it was for the headmaster?

And remember how we returned it to him?

Five seconds ago, the landlord and his wife rang our doorbell. I, of course, was looking totally fit for company in my barefeet and smelly sweatpants.

He handed me a package wrapped in Disney princess paper (after scolding me for not wearing shoes). And then he apologized for giving us the Antonio Banderas man fragrance--and added that the perfume was for one of us, and this new box is for the other.

In other words, Scot gave us his gift, I gave him mine, and now there is an identical box sitting on our living room table for my roommate and I to split.

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