08 January 2012

The Residency Process: Part II

Our landlord must've brought our Christmas gifts to the school while we were gone, because I found a wrapped box on my desk tonight when I entered the classroom. Inside: a box of nice lotion, perfume, and moisturizing cream. This is, I think, the first gift I've ever gotten from a landlord.

Two seconds ago, Ruth walked in the door. "Did you get something from the landlord?"


"What was it?"

"Lotion and perfume."

She held up a black box with a picture of Antonio Banderas on the front. "I got something, too. I'm pretty sure this is for men."

Judging by the scent now wafting past my face, it's definitely for men. Baha!

In other news, tomorrow is the first day of the second semester. And I am skipping out halfway through because I have a residency appointment in Madrid. Yeah, remember that stack of papers I had to bring to Chicago, then drop off at an office in Madrid in June? The first step in the process is the dropping off, the second step is getting the fingerprinting appointment, and the third step is waiting forty days for a residency card. All of these steps should have been completed within 3-4 months of my arrival.

Today marks month 7.33, so a lawyer made me this appointment to go down and file something saying that I never got a fingerprinting appointment. One of my field leaders is driving me into the city to help me sort through all this.

He just called a few hours ago to let me know that a piece of mail came, in my name, to the other field leader's house.

It's from the government.

Telling me that I have a fingerprinting appointment.

In August of 2011.

Oh, Spanish paperwork.

Mi vida es una aventura muy grande.

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