16 January 2012

Comment party at my blog tonight!

Dear reader:

I don't know who you are.

That is, I don't know who all of you are! A lot of you are friends and acquaintances and coworkers and people my mom has bullied into reading this because she's my mom and that's what moms do. (I'm kidding, mom! I know you only give suggestions. :)
Some of you are here because you googled "size 11 shoes" or "james caviezel," and that's just funny. It makes me want to write about completely random things to see what kind of audience they could attract. Honeybees! Giant paper clips! Drain-cleaning solutions, Pinterest, getting mold out of curtains, and Lois Lowry! (I hope this works. Also, I don't know anything about getting mold out of curtains, but I do know that if one builds a shower over an existing window, one should remove that window's lace curtain before it turns into a black film of shower scum. Not that I experienced this in my current living situation.)
Friends, even you friends I haven't met yet, today I want to say thank you for reading this blog, for validating the fact that maybe words can mean something to more people than just the one writing them. (If you don't think that, I'm not offended. Just don't tell me. :)

Now I have a favor to ask. I'm always writing about myself, because it's the only thing I know well enough to write about. Today, I want to hear about you. 
So, would you please leave a comment on this post? Yes, you! Let me (and all of us) know who you are! How did you end up here? Where are you from? What's your best story? It's fun to connect these dots, to see who is part of the story other than me (and Sarah, who has been getting mentioned a lot lately. Hi, Sarah!). And I'm curious (especially about you, Mr. or Ms. 33-Pageviews-in-Germany). After all, you are the reason I'm here: you the teachers, you the friends, you the supporters, you the encouragers, and yes, even you, the googlers.
Like a chain letter or Amish friendship bread, this is only fun if everyone participates. 
Kidding! Actually, slightly kidding. Those who don't participate may find a bag of Amish friendship bread starter dough in their mailbox soon.
Ready? Comment away! 


mom said...

Yes, I only give suggestions, but when I get asked how you are doing its way more fun to say check out her blog. Love, love reading to find out how you are doing!

Love you,

ella peterson said...

so if I want a bag of Amish friendship bread, I should not comment. but I am commenting, so that kind of defeats the purpose. Anyway:

Once upon a time, a long long time ago (or so it feels), in a land far away (aka christian bubble about 30 mins from my house), I met my roommate Shar. While our differences are vast, our friendship, most likely initially out of survival, has survived the test of time. I fell in love with you and your sweetness soon after we met. Thank you for continuing your stories via this blog. But reading allows me to feel as though I'm still living life along side of you, even though miles now separate us rather than feet.

Love from MN

Nick, Amber & Aaron said...

I am not afraid to comment! (no blog-stalking here ;)

I am Amber, your friend from college, and I consider you to be one of my besties! (oh dear, I didn't just say that did I!?). Of course we live in different places (different continents, in fact) and are in different chapters in life, but I love you, Shar (rhymes with 'bear') and I love reading your journey!

I read your blog because you told me about it (I probably would blog-stalked you anyway had you not told me about it, or if we weren't really friends IRL).

I am originally from Wisconsin (though born in South Carolina). Now I live in Iowa. I have also lived in Minnesota for all of college.

I like James Caviezel.

I have a son named Aaron and a husband named Nick and a dog named Chino.

The end.

dancin' said...

When I read your observations about prayer in "The Residency Process: Part IV", the part ending with, 'Sometimes it's just easier not to ask. At least you know what you'll get.' I laughed out loud and Diana will tell you it was a very hearty laugh indeed. I read those paragraphs as the introduction to our Sunday School class this past weekend. Keep writing, I'm reading. ~dancin'

Jamie said...

Well hi there! It's me, Jamie. I met you when I went to Northwestern College to visit my boyfriend and crashed in your room! Then being roommates for 2 years was full of great late-night conversations, which I miss terribly! Really, I need a girls night! Anyway, I love reading your blog, Shar, and keeping up with your adventures in Spain. Even worlds apart, there are many similarities between both of our first years in a real teaching job! Who knew that it would be 5 years after we graduated?!

I am married with two young boys and live in Minnesota. Please send friendship bread.