02 December 2011

Why we won't be sleeping in the airport this weekend

This is Caitlin.

When we couldn't find a ride for tomorrow's 7:30am flight, Caitlin and I were contemplating having an airport-slumber-party kind of adventure, which is much better than a catch-the-early-bus-and-miss-the-flight kind of adventure. Plus, no one really likes those wake-up-a-friend-with-a-car-in-the-middle-of-the-night-and-get-them-to-drive-you-somewhere kind of adventures.

This is Sarah.

Sarah vetoed the airport party idea. Something about hygiene and safety and a good night's sleep. Silly Sarah.

So, instead, we're having a sleepover-in-Sarah's-living-room party, followed by a Will-makes-a-grand-sacrifice-and-drives-us-to-the-airport-at-5:30 party, followed by a we're-in-France-for-the-long-weekend party.

I'm so excited!

Here are some end-of-the-week party quotes to wrap up this big hyphenation party of a blog post:

During yearbook class

Girl: "See if you can find a rounded-edge tool on PhotoShop, 'cause we're going to have to round the edges of a lot of these pictures."

(A few minutes later)

Girl: "Did you find it?"

Boy: "Yes, but we didn't try it."

Girl: "Why not?"

Boy: "Because we're guys?"


7th Grade Boy: "Ms. C, do you think there would be any Tolstoy in the library?"

Me: "I'm sure there is. Why exactly are you interested in Tolstoy?"

Boy: "I have this list." (He fishes a crumpled paper out of his pocket: the Columbia University recommended literature list, the finishing of which has become the goal of a small school literary club) "What is War and Peace about?"

Me: "Um, it's about war...and peace."


In the third-floor kitchen, the table is covered with marshmallows wrapped in plastic. Outside the kitchen, the elementary kids are squealing in Christmas-y delight.

Me: "What's happening with all these marshmallows?"

Leprechaun: "We're gonna put sugar on them. Then we're going to feed them to the kids, and then we're going to leave the building."

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ella peterson said...

oh fun! I love Leprechaun's quotes...