16 December 2011

A Psychological Christmas Break

I'm in the beginning stages of a cold, my contacts are pushing me toward a headache, and I'm pretty sure I ate a styrofoam chip that was attached to a piece of Christmas candy this morning. That means my big plans for tonight will be napping, waking up, and then going to bed for real. I might even find some time to sleep in between all that strenuous activity.

Hooray for naps and Fridays. Even if that styrofoam isn't digestible, there are many other reasons to celebrate this Friday.

1) It's the last teaching Friday of 2011! Break officially starts next Wednesday, but I have one high school final and a whole lot of middle school Christmas parties next week, which means this first semester is basically officially over. And so, basically and officially, I am declaring tonight the beginning of my own unofficial, psychological Christmas vacation! It will involve lots of napping.

2) It's December, and the green field across from the school is creeping ever closer with its greenness. This is the best winter of my life!

3) My kids are funny:

Leprechaun: "What's that?" (in reference to another boy's illustration)
Boy: "It's Mexico."
L: "It's a hernia."
B: "We could call it Mexica. Like a female Mexico. It really doesn't look anything like Mexico. I could call it Italy."


B: (yells one of the girls' names really loudly, then realizes there is a class on the other side of the wall) "Why am I yelling? They have a class in there! I've gone psycho!"

L: "Draw some clothes on your wise man! It's not wise to be naked!"

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Nick, Amber & Aaron said...

Happy Christmas break! Yeah! Love your quotes, as always. Your package is on its way across the ocean!!