04 October 2011

My first Spanish mascota experience

Sarah bought a betta fish for her classroom tonight. I have never seen a cashier put a glass fish bowl--full of water and one fish--inside a plastic shopping bag before.

I have also never seen someone trying to purchase baby turtles--and receive a mild reprimand for wanting to take them home in a plastic fish tank.

I have also never before gone into a mall bathroom and watched a friend transfer the turtles into said fish tank, nor have I stood in such a bathroom and held the water bottle so my friend could pour her fish into it. And I don't think I've ever seen a mall cleaning lady smile at me so curiously before.

I'm also pretty sure I've never watched anyone leave a fish and turtles in a storage locker so they'd have free hands for grocery shopping. Seriously. Why wasn't all this great stuff mentioned in a brochure or something?!

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