17 October 2011

Good, Better, Best...and Awkwardest.

Good thing: Handing the brand-new copy of Rick Riordan's latest book to the 8th grade boy who would have died without it. (Only 12 euros at bookdepository.com, remember?!) He held it against his face as though he was caressing a baby, then cried, "It smells so good!" and smashed his head in between the pages.

Another good thing: Watching the 8th graders rap about the coordinating conjunctions. "For for / what what / and and / what what / nor nor / what what?" By the second rap, one of them had pulled out the electric guitar, and the other was using a broom as a microphone. I'm pretty sure I almost peed my pants.

Another good thing: Having the entire second quarter mapped out by topic on a calendar. I feel so much better about the world.

A random awkward thing: Ordering foods with English titles from Spanish restaurants. For instance, Burger King's version of the McFlurry: BK Fusion. During my first BK visit back in June, I was nervous and a bit perplexed. Do I say the English words the way I'd say them in the States? Do I use a Spanish accent? Do I try to translate? I tried the accent at first, asking for a "Bay Kay foo-syohn," and the man gave me crazy eyes. I tried again, this time dropping the accent.

"Oh, yes, BK Fusion?" he repeated in perfect American-sounding English.

So I attempted to acknowledge my Americanism during the next BK visit, and I got the crazy eyes again. When I backpedaled--"Uh, Bay Kay Foo-syohn"--she knew exactly what I meant.

Which brings me to the next question: Why are "chicken fingers" in English on the menu? Why don't we order "dedos de pollo"? And why are "frutas del bosque" (forest fruits) listed as one topping for the ice cream balls (or "ees creem bayuls," if you will)--but the chocolate one is simply "crunchy chocolate"?

Finally: Thursday is going to be all-reading, all-day long in all of my classes. But I will not be there to enjoy it because I'll be in Barcelona. Darn. :)

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