27 October 2011

Middle schoolers say the darndest things.

After being told that they could read the story individually or with a partner

Boy: "I don't wanna be single!!!"
Others: (Laughter in large quantities)
Boy: "I mean, you know, I want a partner! Reading single!"

And from a high school kid who is not in my class...

"Can I see what books you've got? I have already read everything in the library that I am potentially interested in."

After a huge bee zoomed in the window, around the room, and back out again

"Now it's going to go write an email to its friends. A bee-mail!"

A thing I never anticipated having to say to a class

"Um, please leave the owl's pants on!"

Finally, the coordinating conjunction songs they so proudly created last week. (Coordinating conjunctions = for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so = FANBOYS.) This resulted from a conversation that went like this:

Me: "Okay, everyone's going to get a word. You're for, you're and, you're nor, you're but..."
Boy: "She said I was the butt!"
Me: "But. One t. B-U-T. You don't have to be the but."
Boy: "No, I wanna be the but!"

He most certainly did. Evidence below.


em in espana said...

Hilarious! I like the 30 second "intro" for NASBFY :)

sharbear said...

Did you notice that the broom handle is doubling as a mic? Bahaha! Their favorite part is the hair-flipping at the beginning.

Elaine Carlson said...

Looks like you have to much fun in your class. Wish we could have learned that way - then maybe it would have stuck in my brain.

Jamie said...

Joel and I totally enjoyed those videos! Ha! You are definitely the coolest English teacher ever!!!