29 September 2011

We interrupt your normally scheduled programming

...for something completely awesome.

Usually, if I'm tired, I become wide awake while teaching, then resume tiredness during my quiet study hall. Today, though, I was so zonked that I kept referring to a story about robots in front of my sixth graders, even though the story they'd read was about hitchhikers. It's like my brain fell asleep in second hour, then woke up during fifth hour, not realizing it was in the wrong class. After wiping the drool from its cerebellum, my poor, shriveled brain figured out that the answers were right but the timing wasn't, so it blushed and shuffled awkwardly to the door, hoping we could all forget this and try again tomorrow. It's a good thing my sixth graders are so sweet; they will forgive anything if it means they don't have homework. :)

Okay, but that's not the awesome thing. This is just the preface to the awesome thing, wherein I mention that I cried the entire time I watched this. It may be a little bit due to my zoning robot hitchhiker brain, but mostly, the tears are just because it's beautiful.

This guy, Chris Medina, was on American Idol last season. I was, for the first time in ages, not watching it with Kelly because I was waiting for the consulate to legitimize me, so I heard all this buzz about Chris but didn't look into it. I have no idea how I ended up watching these videos tonight, except that I was supposed to be doing something else, so of course that didn't get done and this did. Why am I still talking? You don't want to read about me; you want to watch this guy!

Here's the audition, in which Chris explains his fiancee's story:

And here's his music video, What Are Words, which has the potential to be totally sappy but, I think, ended up just right.

There you have it: today's lesson in love.

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