28 March 2011

Waiting, waiting (and some bonus royalty)

Well, my papers have been at the Consulate (or in Spain, or en route) for three weeks now. My time in the States grows ever shorter!

(Cue creepy rocketship song from Sunday school: "Ten and nine, eight and seven, six and five and four, call upon the Savior while you may/Three and two, coming through the clouds in bright array/The countdown's getting lower every day!" No one knows how much trauma I experienced over that song, nor how many times I prayed and told Jesus that I expected him to come back any time between then and when I turned 120. I prayed about each age individually, just in case: "I expect you back when I'm 8. I expect you back when I'm 9. I expect you back when I'm 10." Because the Rapture seemed so frightful, and Jesus won't return when anyone expects it, you see. Reverse psychology.)

Their Majesties King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia

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