01 July 2012

Update from Bed Sector 5.7

I'm not even certain what that means, but ever since my parents and I hit a daily high of 13 miles on mom's pedometer, I think dad's been a bit disappointed that subsequent days have aimed lower (you know, a measly 8 miles instead).

(Did I mention that my parents are visiting? My parents are visiting.)

Today is the first day in a week that I've actually had time to just sit, and that'll end shortly: we have a 6am flight tomorrow to visit family in Norway. This is a trip I've been waiting for since at least sixth grade, when we had to write our first big reports--about a specific country--and I spent most of the day fretting that someone else would pick Norway first. Turns out everyone else was desirous over England instead, so I spent the next several weeks bawling my eyes out over notecards and fearing I'd get thrown in jail for unintentional plagiarism. And, nonetheless, fueling my desire to see Norway.

Anyway, I'm pretty certain I'll come back hung over on all that Norwegianness, lovesick and pathetic after finally seeing the place my family has been referring to my entire life. I'll probably just buy a bunad and stay.

But if I don't, I'll tell you all about it in a week or so.


Addie Zierman said...

That's how my parents are too. When they visited us in China, all they wanted to do was walk. All day long. We had to keep reminded them that we needed to stop and eat.

sharbear said...

The funny thing is that they never walk that much in real life! Dad was complaining about how high the numbers got, but then he seemed a bit upset that we weren't reaching our new daily goals.