03 February 2012

Overheard in the hallway

Loud, exaggerated 8th grade voice: "We have so much homework tonight! I'm going to die!"

Leprechaun: "I know! There is just so much. Especially grammar! And the vocab book!"

Me, calling back from my empty classroom: "I really love the vocab book. It's what I read at night to help me fall asleep!"

First voice: "We're going to die from all this homework!"

Leprechaun: "We are spirits! We are the spirits of students who had too much homework!"

Me: "I don't understand! Why are the spirits lingering outside my classroom instead of in heaven?"

Both: (Sudden high-pitched, ethereal singing, followed by snickers and shoes scuffing the floor as they run away to recruit other middle schoolers, who will randomly poke their heads in the door and say, "Hallelujah?")

(Later, Leprechaun will enter the room, hand on his chest, and fake a heart attack before collapsing to the floor.)

(By the way: I'd assigned them no homework that night.)

1 comment:

mom said...

Such dramatics! I love it - makes me giggle!