12 February 2012

Hi, Sarah!

(Sarah requested that I write something, but I've been saving all my energy for Valentine's Day, and so I have kinda ignored my blog for a few days. Here are some highlights: It's really, really windy in Camarma right now. I went for a walk/run around the hill loop this morning and saw snow atop the distant mountains. I don't miss snow at all, but I have to admit, it was kinda pretty. This week will be a short one, due to winter break, and a sad one, as two of my kiddos are heading back to the States for six months. But next weekend, we'll be in sunny Sevilla! My house is freezing right now because of the wind; however, I refuse to ever again pay as much as we did in heating bills this month, so I'm gonna wrap myself up in a fleece blanket, a frozen chrysalis, and fall into a catatonic state for a few hours.)

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