20 November 2011

Michael Scott: Getting me through Sunday

This is the best representation I have found of what happens to me when it comes time to grade papers. It's called The Procrastination Cycle. (Courtesy of Hyperbole and a Half)

Right now, I have a monstrous paper mountain sitting by my side, and I think I've figured out how to get through it: grade one class, watch one episode of The Office. Grade the next class, watch another episode. I haven't watched TV regularly for almost ten years. This is what homework does to me!

(I also need to direct my gratitude toward the Mulan and Hercules soundtracks for adding to my productivity.)

On a side note, a few of us went to Madrid yesterday. There were all sorts of street performers out, as usual, including many patriotic Mickey Mouses. My favorite, though, was the silver Jesus we met earlier this summer--having a good conversation with Jack Sparrow. They stood talking for a minute; then Jesus with his cross and Jack with his suitcase walked away together, and I thought, You know, that's just like Him.

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