11 November 2011

11 Things

In honor of 11.11.11 (and because I forgot to have my kids cheer at 11:11 this morning), let's celebrate this acutely mathematical moment with 11 random awesome things from the past week:

11. Watching a students-vs-staff game of football after school. I spent 8 years attending high school and college football games and still don't know the rules. Still don't care to. But I love the ambiance of football, and I love that even our little school in Spain can participate in such an autumnal tradition.

10. Said by a 9th grader during a presentation: "It is wrong to ascribe the death of Poe to rabbis."

9. 7th grade boy: "Does this say 'Babe Ruth'?"
Me: "Yep. Babe Ruth. One of the greatest baseball players of all time."
Boy: "Babe Ruth? That's a guy?"
Me: (internal Sandlot moment)

8. While discussing rhyme scheme--and after reading the line in The Raven that says, "While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping/As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door."
8th grade boy: "It was just P. Diddy/He said, 'Here, I found your kitty!'"

7. During a class project--a TV interview with Montresor from "The Cask of Amontillado"--one student's tender heart kept itself on display.
Interviewer: "So, why would you kill your friend?"
Boy: "Why wouldn't I? Oh, I'm sorry, that's so mean!"

6. Tuesday night. Girl: "When you finish that book, can I read it?"
Me: "Sure."
Wednesday morning. Book is waiting on her desk. She runs to me, wraps me in a hug, and cries, "Thank you!" Girl is seen toting said book around all afternoon.

5. Written on my whiteboard after yearbook club: "Ms. C = best teacher EVER." Only because I have the best 8th graders ever. Thanks, kiddo.

4. Going all the way to Barcelona and finding out that the supply of Barcelona Starbucks mugs had run out. Then coming into school and being handed a Starbucks bag. Yes, Caitlin brought me one of the magical and elusive treasures this morning...after finding it in Madrid.

3. Waiting in my email inbox, the sweetest gift from a friend at home: un cheque regalo (gift card) from Amazon.es. For the kids.

2. Starting a new lit. unit titled "Places in the Heart"--and talking a bit about what we mean when we say "heart." The page had a picture of the big love sculpture in Philadelphia, and I commented, "This statue--it's like a shrine to love. Anyone know where this is?"

Said the boy who's been sopping himself up with dreams of love all week: "My bedroom!"

(He meant that quite innocently, but they laughed for about a thousand years anyway.)

1. In that same romantic vein: writing similes and metaphors. I asked one boy to compare a heart to a box. "Oh, I know, I know!" said Leprechaun, nearly bursting out of his chair. "My heart is a box full of you!"

It probably doesn't hurt that the potential object of his affection is sitting next to him in class.

Happy 11:11pm on 11.11.11, everyone!

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Nick, Amber & Aaron said...

Loved these, especially your Sandlot moment. Ha HA HA!!