18 July 2011

Today I had to give an oral presentation in Spanish class. They told us it should be about 5-10 minutes, and definitely not over 15. Fifteen? Fifteen straight minutes without notes? Fifteen minutes of mental verb conjugation, switching of tenses, and proper pronoun placement in order to summarize a story excerpt involving three mostly unrelated characters?

Mine was probably four. Language school is either helping to cure my perfectionism or just causing me new ailments as of yet undiagnosed. For the first time in my scholastic life, I do not care about getting it perfect--only about getting it done. Instead of following the system and doing everything exactly right, I'm not worrying about grades or rules, just about learning. It's really freeing. Besides, sometimes, other things just deserve more of your energy. For instance, surviving the last hour in a stuffy classroom with worksheets that make you feel as though your brain is being jabbed by a blunt pencil.

Just, you know, a general example.

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