08 August 2011

A Very Scientific Vacation

Not long after my arrival, Caitlin and I realized we like the same kind of travel: cheap and laid-back. So we decided that we should book a flight during August, to escape that deathly heat we kept hearing about. Caitlin created a huge list of locations, complete with prices and predicted weather. Then we unfolded a map and sat on my bed, scientifically narrowing down the list. The highest prices got crossed off first, followed by the highest temperatures. Of the remaining options, we each secretly picked a top three, figuring we could weed out any options that didn't overlap. Except we ended up with the same three: Brussels, Belgium; Manchester, UK; and Milan, Italy. We were both totally fine with any of the three.

The day Caitlin was going to book the tickets, she called me up. "Well...all of the prices went up today."

And that is why, on Wednesday morning, we are going to Portugal.

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